Hungry APES NFT Collection

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is also known as digital art or digital collection.
Hungry Apes is a 2D collection of 4444-5555 NFTs living in the Solana blockchain. Each Hungry Apes represents a 2D Ape character. Hungry Apes is not just any 2D model NFT project. Every NFT model is uniquewith special characteristics only limited to that character. The holders of Hungry Apes can earn multiple benefits from this.
The benefits range from use in the Play-to-Earn model game to being able to stake the NFT to earn the reward. Hungry Apes project is developed by keeping the end-users in mind. The true purpose of blockchain and its use cases is to provide more control and benefit the end-users. We aim to deliver the most utilizes to our holders and believers.
Our goal is to push the technology boundary of decentralized blockchain and NFT by building a hostile game that will reward the player with native currency, the player will be able to play with their NFTs and in which owners of Hungry Apes can interact with one another in a digital world, transact with $HAPE as a currency. The possibilities are endless in the Hungry Apes ecosystem. Each Hungry Apes NFT is a key allowing the holders to enter the game we are building.


  • Only 5% of the collection will be “Legendary” If you mint one consider yourself lucky!
  • 20% of the collection will be “Rare” right underneath Legendary, special traits.
  • 30% of the collection will be “Uncommon” packed with unique traits! also super sick!
  • 45% of the collection will be “Common” don’t think common isn’t good because they are still groovy and packed with utility!
We can claim that our NFT collection will undoubtedly boom in the market with these unique and impressive qualities. Each NFT image has a digital signature that makes it impossible to duplicate, making it unique. Furthermore, an NFT can only be owned by one person. This way, NFT holders can gain control and ownership over their data.

Hungry Apes Staking

Staking pools for users providing liquidity will be available. Therefore, returning rewards from the platform back to NFT holders is a hallmark of decentralization. Staking is the most effortless way to earn the reward.
Holders can stake their Hungry Apes NFTs to earn rewards from the platform. The reward depends upon the number of NFTs and the time for which they stake their NFTs. To make things more interesting and to create a competitive environment in the Hungry Apes, the staking will also depend on your performance in the game. The higher you are in the Game leaderboard the more you $HAPE you will earn Staking your NFT.


Holders can earn more rewards in staking through the HAPE DEN. Every Ape needs its den, it's our home, our food, and fuel and it's what makes us this powerful! However, there are only 444 HAPE dens. These HAPE dens will cost (TBA) $HAPE tokens,this den requires at least 3 Hungry Apes to buy, and it yields at a return of 2X $HAPE tokens. This is basically like breeding and a new breed will have more reward return than any single NFT.