How will P2E work?

Play 2 Earn in Hungry Apes will work with different in game modes. Like PVP and Normal mode.

What are the different modes?

  1. 1.
    In Normal mode you will earn $HAPE by collecting as many bananas as you can before you die in game.
  2. 2.
    In PVP mode, Users will be able to play and wager bananas against other users.
To win the game in pvp, the user who collects the most bananas, or Last the longest in the round without dying will win the wager in PVP.

How will users get the $HAPE tokens?

The bananas you earned in Normal mode / PVP mode we are implementing a system where you will be automatically airdropped $HAPE Tokens.
The amount of $HAPE earned per banana will be automatically determined by the market.

Ingame Shop?

You will be able to redeem $HAPE for:
  • Custom accessories in game. examples: Hat, Shoe, Different Animals to ride on, Custom parachutes.
  • Power ups (Rainbow bananas, Super Dash, Double banana, Water bounce, Magnet)
  • Lives

BlockChain Integration:

Users will be able to connect their wallet before the game starts and use their Hungry Ape NFT Skin to play.